Podcast Interviews

Promo Episode with your host Paul Gagliardo

Episode 1 with Lauren Guy (ASTERRA)

To learn more about ASTERRA and their work please visit their website at https://asterra.io/

Episode 2 with Asim Bhalerao (Fluid Robotics)

To learn more about FLUID ROBOTICS, please visit here http://www.fluidrobotics.com

Episode 3 with Daniel Zillante (Zilper)

To learn more about Zilper, please visit https://zilpertrenchless.com.

Episode 4 with Martin Gross (Gross- Wen Technologies)

To learn more about Gross-Wen Technologies, please visit https://algae.com/

Episode 5 with Erin Rothman (Storm Sensor)

. To learn more about StormSensor Inc, please visit https://www.stormsensor.io/

Episode 6 with Christine Boyle

To learn more about Xylem, please visit https://www.xylem.com/

Episode 7 with Sally Gutierrez

Episode 8 with Jose Ignacio Galindo

To learn more about Water Plan, please visit http://www.waterplan.com/.

Episode 9 with Megan Glover (120 Water)

To learn about 120Water, please visit http://120water.com

Episode 10 with Julie Bliss Mullen (Aclarity)

To learn more about Aclarity, please visit https://www.aclaritywater.com/

Episode 11 With Mark Lambert

To learn more about WaterMark Resource Development, please visit https://www.watermarkrd.com/team-strategic-partners

Episode 12 with Athena Sargeaunt

To learn more about 2S water, please visit https://2swater.com

Episode 13 with Cynthia Baughman

Episode 14 with Seyi Fabode (Varuna)

To learn more about Seyi and his company please visit www.varunaiot.com.

Episode 15 with Eric Schwartz (Blue Conduit)

To learn more about Eric and Blue Conduit, please visit https://blueconduit.com/

Episode 16 with Yousef Yousef (LG Sonic)

To learn more about LG Sonic, please visit https://www.lgsonic.com/

Episode 17 with Jack Hartpence (PowWater)

To learn more about PowWater, please visit https://www.powwater.com/

Episode 18

David Solomon (Aquarius Spectrum)

To learn more about Aquarius Spectrum, please visit: https://aqs-systems.com/

Episode 19

Austin Meyermann (Hunter Crown, LLC)  

To learn more about Hunter Crown, LLC, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/hunter-crown-llc/.

Episode 20

Adam Tank

If you would like to learn more about Adam and his work, please visit www.adamtank.com

Episode 21

Greg Quist and David Drake (Smart Cover)

To learn more about Smart Cover, please visit https://smartcoversystems.com/.

Episode 22

George Demosthenous (VODA.ai)

To learn more about VODA.ai, please visit https://voda.ai/.

Episode 23

Jon McClean (Evoqua)

To learn more about Evoqua, please visit https://www.evoqua.com/.

Episode 24

Sol Rosenbaum (The Engineering Mentor)

Episode 25

Matt Hurley

Episode 26

Greg Newbloom