Episode 4

Martin Gross

Martin is the President and founder at Gross-Wen Technologies (GWT). GWT is a next-generation wastewater treatment company that is commercializing the revolving algal biofilm treatment technology (RAB). The RAB system sustainably recovers nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. The byproducts from the process are clean water, clean air, and algae biomass, which can be used to create products ranging from fertilizers to nutraceuticals. During his time as President at GWT, he has led the effort in raising over $5M in equity investments, served as Principal Investigator on over $1M in SBIR grant funding, and has been granted numerous patents. Martin has dual doctoral degrees from Iowa State University (ISU) and currently serves as a professor of entrepreneurship at ISU and sits on the board of directors for the Iowa Biotechnology Association and the Algae Biomass Organization. Martin joins the Water Entrepreneur to discuss how he turned academic research into a thriving business. To learn more about Gross-Wen Technologies, please visit: https://algae.com/.

If you have any questions about the water entrepreneur podcast or would like to apply to be interviewed please email us at thewaterentrepreneur@gmail.com

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