Episode 5

Erin Rothman

Erin K Rothman, CEO and Founder of StormSensor Inc., a climate technology startup, has 15 years of stormwater and remediation consulting experience working with cities across the United States. While serving as VP and Principal Scientist at a Seattle-based consulting company, Managing Principal at a large international consultancy, and Founder and Managing Principal of her own consulting company, Erin recognized a need for innovative data capture to manage flooding in communities. She founded StormSensor with the objective of mitigating climate risk by creating intelligent wastewater infrastructure. She has raised $16M and assembled a team of engineers with disciplines ranging from software development, computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to fulfill StormSensor’s goal of generating a smart city solution that focuses on mitigating urban flooding; reducing vulnerabilities within our coastal, wastewater, and stormwater systems; and helping our communities adapt to a changing climate. Paul and Erin spoke about identifying a global issue in climate change and developing a solution to respond to this threat. She discusses building a business as a female entrepreneur. To learn more about StormSensor Inc, please visit https://www.stormsensor.io/

If you have any questions about the water entrepreneur podcast or would like to apply to be interviewed please email us at thewaterentrepreneur@gmail.com

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