Episode 9

Megan Glover

In Episode 9 of The Water Entrepreneur podcast, Megan Glover talks about the impact of winning the Imagine H2O Accelerator competition and how it validated her vision and her company.

Megan Glover is a successful B2B Software Marketing and Sales Executive that saw an incredible need to improve our nation’s lead in drinking water programs that protect public health. She became the proud CoFounder & CEO of 120Water.

120Water launched it’s first product, a lab-certified consumer test kit, in May 2016. Since then the company has developed and deployed Enterprise cloud software and additional kits that help Government Agencies, Public Water Systems and Facilities (such as School Districts & Daycares) execute lead in drinking water programs. 120Waters software has been deployed to manage over 150,000 locations, across 12 states that impact over 3.4M lives.

To learn more about 120Water, please visit https://120water.com.

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