Episode 10

Julie Bliss Mullen

Julie Bliss Mullen co-founded Aclarity to sustainably and cost-effectively clean
the world’s most challenging waters. Julie invented Aclarity’s primary technology
as a PhD Candidate at UMass Amherst where she studied innovative water
treatment technologies. Previously, she worked at the US EPA’s Drinking Water
Unit in Region 1 in engineering and policy development. Julie holds degrees in
Environmental Engineering and Environmental & Sustainability Studies from
Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She has been recognized as a 2019 Forbes 30
Under 30 recipient in Science, 2019 Lemelson-MIT Award recipient, and 2018
Innovator of the Year by NEWIN/NEWEA. Her most rewarding role yet is being a

To learn more about Aclarity, please visit https://www.aclaritywater.com/

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