Episode 16

Yousef Yousef

Yousef Yousef is an innovator at heart with an entrepreneurial mindset. From developing original technological solutions that are environment-friendly to setting up new businesses and coaching innovative startups into becoming scale-ups. His passion lies with the green scale-ups. Yousef is a proud CEO of LG Sonic, which is a leading example of what a green innovative SME can achieve.

LG Sonic’s mission is to fight environmental pollution and eliminate harmful chemicals in the water treatment industry. They invest in the design and development of innovative technologies to monitor and control algal blooms, a major environmental problem that degrades water quality and its ecosystem. With nearly 10 years of experience, we serve 12 different industries in over 55 countries. LG Sonic’s technology has won multiple awards including Coordinator of several European FP7 projects, Official Innovation Partner of American Water, Aquatech Innovation Award (2015), and Shell LiveWIRE Award (2014).

To learn more about LG Sonic, please visit https://www.lgsonic.com/

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