Episode 24

Sol Rosenbaum

Sol Rosenbaum is a Licensed PE with 19+ years in the energy engineering world. He is the Founder of http://www.TheEngineeringMentor.com with a passion for mentoring younger engineers.
He is a mechanical/energy engineer who enjoys helping building owners with financially viable energy savings projects. In Sol’s early positions, he worked on large ESPC projects where his tasks included climbing through mechanical rooms & calculating/designing the systems, construction/project management, and through the M & V phase. Since then, he has moved towards the management side of things, but still maintains a strong foothold on the technical side by providing oversight and general guidance to the engineering team. Currently, as Director, Green & Energy Services, he is involved in both technical work overseeing & guiding the engineering team as well as business & marketing to increase the revenue stream from this department. My firm, GRS Group provides due diligence transactional services related to the mortgage finance/CRE world.

Sol believes in helping out the next generation of engineers. Please check out his work and services here: www.TheEngineeringMentor.com

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