Episode 26

Greg Newbloom

Greg Newbloom believes that if sustainability was simple, cheap & low-risk – it would be irresistible. Greg states that”Multi-dimensional innovation across technology, services, policy & business models is the path to frictionless & broad adoption of sustainable best practices, but even so we’re not moving fast enough to correct the past.” That’s why Greg is passionate about accelerating innovation towards irresistible sustainability.

Mr. Newbloom’s background blends technology development (10+ years), entrepreneurship (10+ years) and management (7+ years) with an emphasis on bringing together counter-intuitive innovations to deliver extraordinary value (financial & sustainable). He is an action-oriented believer in building diverse teams, fostering a people-first culture, and enhancing idea meritocracy. Greg’s efforts have been recognized with numerous awards including prestigious alumni awards from both his alma maters, professional society early career recognition, and national/regional innovator awards.

Most recently, Greg had the privilege of building Membrion – a company focused on recovering water from “impossible” waste sources. In 6 short years, he founded the company, raised >$10M & built a diverse 20+ person team that invented, scaled & commercialized a world-changing technology. Learn more about Membrion here: Membrion.com

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