Episode 31

Josh Mackanic

Josh Mackanic (CEO and Founder of Civil Grid) is a construction tech founder and infrastructure industry expert. Josh is experienced in organizing and leading multidisciplinary teams to implement large capital infrastructure programs and change initiatives. At PG&E, he developed solar power plants on the largest utility owned solar program in the nation, successfully led the integration of safety automation technology new to natural gas utilities, and led lean transformation effort realizing material operational cost efficiencies within back office utility functions, regulatory filings, and process improvement.

About CivilGrid:

CivilGrid is a construction intelligence platform combining layers of utility, environmental, and geotechnical project site data. We aggregate and curate datasets that developers, engineers, and construction companies need to make critical planning and project implementation decisions. CivilGrid accelerates project due diligence, reduces utility research and
project engineering cost, and improves risk identification and construction planning.

To learn more, please visit https://www.civilgrid.com/

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