Episode 32

James Workman

James Workman (Founder of AquaShares Inc.)

* Graduated Yale, studied abroad Oxford. Prize-winning investigative reporter in Washington, DC.
* White House appointee to US Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt on water, dams, climate, wildfire.
* Senior advisor, communications, World Commission on Dams under Nelson Mandela.
* Strategic communications consultant to global corporations, agencies, NGOs on natural resources.
* Award-winning author of books, articles on successful water, fisheries, energy conservation strategies.
* Established new, interdisciplinary courses as visiting professor Whitman, Wesleyan.
* Framed marine conservation projects and program at Environmental Defense Fund.
* Editor, The Source, print & online magazine offering pragmatic news for 50,000 water professionals.
* Founded AquaShares, first rights-based online conservation market to trade water-saving credits.

Jamie is responsible for developing and adapting AquaShares’ assets to meet demands from our public, non-profit, and private clients. He draws on three decades of experience as an investigative journalist, White House-appointed speechwriter, award-winning author of several books, senior communications advisor under Nelson Mandela’s World Commission on Dams, and program director focused on natural resource conservation markets for water, wildlife, forests, and fish. He graduated with honors from Yale, studied two terms at Oxford, and was visiting professor at Wesleyan and Whitman colleges. But he earned his real education by blowing up dams, releasing wolves, igniting wildland fires, guiding safaris, smuggling water, and becoming a father.

To learn more about AquarShares Inc. please visit aquashares.com.

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